Who Is In The Vine

Andrea Roltgen, CPM, LM

Andrea Roltgen, CPM, LM has lived with her husband and children in North Idaho for over 20 years.  She began her journey helping women throughout their childbearing season over 15 years ago, with a deep study and interest of the female body and hormones, which coincided with the nudging of the Lord to become a Certified Herbalist.  Andrea consulted with hundreds of families locally, and across the nation to help them understand and take charge of their wellness, fertility, family health and even perimenopause.  As a mama of 13, Andrea was committed to ensuring that the mamas she supported, as well as herself, came out healthier after each pregnancy. This commitment then gave birth to obtaining an ICEA Childbirth Education Certification,  Birth Doula Certification, obtaining extensive Midwife Assisting experience and eventually earning the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and Licensed Midwife (LM) titles.

The commitment to see women thrive in their childbearing season is the cornerstone of In The Vine Midwifery.  Andrea firmly believes that women can be supported physically, emotionally and spiritually during this important season.  Low volume care with a focus on supporting the whole woman is foundational to Andrea, while utilizing herbal modalities and remaining physiologically respectful in her care is the goal.

In her free time, Andrea loves homeschooling her children that are not yet grown-ups, spending time with her adult children and grandchildren, cooking, baking, gardening, swimming, soaking up the sun; and cultivating a deeper understanding and respect for the female body, pregnancy and birth.

Welcome to a partnership in bringing forth well cultivated fruit, with In The Vine Midwifery. John 15:5

  • – Certified Professional Midwife, and licensed in the state of Idaho
  • – Neonatal resuscitation program & cardiopulmonary resuscitation certified
  • – Active membership in the Idaho Midwifery Council
  • – Regular participation in midwife peer review process
  • – Ongoing continual education to comply with licensing and credentialing requirements

Bekah Saunders-Birth Assistant

Bekah Saunders has been serving families as a birth and bereavement doula for the last 7 years. She is enjoying this new phase as a home birth assistant! Bekah strives to provide Christ-centered compassionate and empathetic care to the families she serves. She is certified in both Neonatal Resuscitation and Basic Life Support.  When Bekah isn’t at a birth, you can find her on her homestead taking care of her goats, chickens, turkey, gardens and three young children. She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her husband and kids!

Bekah is the founder of The Birth Place non-profit which seeks to meet mothers, babies and families where they are with community services and outreach.  Bekah is also at the helm of Deep Waters Bereavement, that she birthed out of her desire to care and prioritize mothers who have lost their babies at all stages.  She developed unique and very special bereavement boxes to give to mothers that are experiencing loss in any trimester.  You can find Bekah’s wonderful Birth Place here on Instagram and Deep Waters Bereavement Fundraiser for donor boxes.

Bekah will be attending all births with In The Vine as a capable, experienced and loving assistant.

Abigail Roltgen-Apprentice

Abigail is a homeschool graduate and a nurturer by instinct.  She is a graduate of the NIC Culinary Arts program, and has worked at Bardenay Restaurant for nearly two years.  Abby has a deep interest in intuition regarding pregnancy, birth and mothering and is studying birth work, midwife assisting and doula care.  She is certified in both Neonatal Resuscitation and Basic Life Support.  In Abby’s free time she enjoys the outdoors, concerts, baking, cooking, family and friends. 

Abby will be attending births on occasion, as well as continuing her birthing education, and acting in a supportive administrative roll.

But the midwives feared God…
Exodus 1:17
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