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Home Visit Prenatal Care Schedule

  • Every 4 weeks through 27 weeks
  • Every 2 weeks through 36 weeks
  • 36 week birth preparation and prenatal-meet the assistant midwife and birth assitant
  • Every week through birth
  • 24-48 hours after birth (Mom and baby check)
  • 4-5 day in person visit for first time mama, or phone call for 2+ time mama’s
  • 2 week visit (Mom and baby check)
  • 6 week visit (Mom and baby check)
  • Additional visits may be added when necessary

I do not offer “packages” with other providers and services, because:
1)  I want my fees to continue to be reasonable
2) I believe clients can make the best choice about what/who they desire to see and how much they wish to pay (You may not even have a good fit with a package provider)
3) You are very likely to be able to find a provider that fits your needs (I have very good referrals!) AND be assured that my fees do not reflect package collaboration. 


I include an experienced and professionally trained assistant at every birth.  At this time, I do not have students, so you have a professionally trained assistant as part of your care team, and my attention and focus can be completely on you and your baby. I also provide a licensed back-up midwife in the unlikely event that I’m unable to be with you for the duration of your birth, or an unexpected additional difficulty arises. These two professionals are a paid part of my team, and help to provide both a peaceful and safe birth environment.  My assistant and back-up are NRP and BSL Certified.  You will have the opportunity to meet the assistant at your 36 week visit if you would like.  I provide all prenatal and postpartum care, and remain primary provider at your birth. 

**I carry herbs, pharmaceutical anti-hemorrhagic (medications to stop excessive, life-threatening loss of blood), resuscitative oxygen and equipment, IV equipment for fluid replacement, infant Vitamin K, Rhogam, and infant antibiotic eye ointment.  I can provide antibiotics for GBS, and can provide Central Heart Defect Screening, and Newborn Screening. All testing options and choices for your baby are yours. This practice does not carry in or administer any vaccines


Included in Midwifery Fee:

Initial consultation-FREE

  • Routine prenatal visits, including nutritional and supplement counseling. Flexible appointments and prenatal schedule, for individual needs.
  • Welcome to Care gift
  • Referrals to specialists, such as Chiropractors, Pelvic Floor Therapy, Massage, Iron Infusion, OB consultation/co-care, or for ultrasound imaging when indicated (see my list of non-compensated professional providers.)
  • Labor and birth at your home or choice of birth place
  • Experienced, licensed midwife as assistant/back up for birth and rare emergency situations
  • Midwife assistant at your birth
  • Newborn exam and follow up newborn appointments (between 3-4) including CCHD, breastfeeding assistance, metabolic screens and any necessary referrals
  • PPD/PPMD screening and referrals
  • Routine postpartum visits-24-48 hours, phone visit or in home at 4-5 days, 2-3 weeks and 6 week final visit, in your home, with well-woman care, fertility awareness education, extensive nutrition and supplement counseling for optimization of health, balance and recovery.
  • Lending library and extensive teaching through pregnancy
  • Each prenatal is guided by a teaching list, prenatal surveillance and individual needs of mama.  Usually, prenatal visits are 45 minutes to an hour, but this is dictated by individual needs, and low volume practice ability to meet needs.


Midwifery Care Pricing and Payment Options

Option 1 


Paid in full at time of hire.

Form of payment- Cash, Credit Card (3% processing applies), Check, Venmo

Option 2


Down Payment:  $500 to reserve EDD

Even monthly payments starting at the time of hire. The balance must be paid in full by 36 weeks gestation. Monthly payments vary based on start of care date.  ACH Preferred

Extended Payment Options

Option 3

$5,800 total fee

Down Payment:  $1,204 to reserve EDD

12 Monthly Payments of $383 – The down payment is due at the time of hire. The payment plan starts the month after the down payment is made.   ACH preferred

Option 4

$6,500 total fee

Down payment:  $1,208

18 Monthly Payments of $294 – The down payment is due at the time of hire. The payment plan starts the month after the down payment is made.  ACH preferred

*Options 3 and 4 reflect patients starting care at 10 weeks gestation. If you are establishing care later in your pregnancy, the deposit and monthly payment plan will be adjusted based upon your current gestation. The amount of payments that would have been made, had you started care at 10 weeks will be added to your down payment. The length of the payment plan will then be shortened by that many payments. Establishing care later in pregnancy does not reduce the price. 

Options 2-4 Forms of payment:

Cash, Check, Credit card (3% processing fee), ACH, Debit Card, HSA, Venmo

Same pricing for any client, regardless of whether this is your first baby or your tenth! 

Not Included in Midwifery Fee:

  • Nutritional or herbal supplements
  • Additional newborn / lactation visits
  • Fees for outside services (your insurance/sharing ministry may cover)
  • Costs for lab tests (your insurance/sharing ministry may cover)
  • Ultrasound fees (your insurance/sharing ministry may cover)
  • Specialist consults, referrals, transfers (your insurance/sharing ministry may cover)
  • Basic homebirth supply kit- Baby Birth And Beyond Birth supplies for free local pick up!
  • Birth pool liner purchase and pool rental
  • ANY other cost not outlined in standard practice listed in included fee.

Insurance Billing

In The Vine Midwifery does NOT contract with ANY insurance provider, and accepts ONLY cash, check or credit card payments for care. The initial discounted midwifery fee of $4,900 applies only to payment at time of hire, and represents the lowest midwifery fee in our local area. The down payment and package fee cap of $5,200 only applies if you pay the full package fee by 36 weeks. If payment arrangements are not agreed upon to extend beyond 36 weeks, fees will be itemized at our standard rates (all available on request). I am happy to provide an itemized statement of services for you to submit to your insurance or your health care sharing organization. I make NO GUARANTEES that any insurance or health care sharing organization will reimburse on ANY fees that you pay for services. In my own birth experiences, and that of my clients, Health Care Sharing Ministries, such as Samaritan, generally share close to and up to 100% of midwifery care fees.

Andrea is knowledgeable, kind, caring, an excellent listener and available when you need her. She is a pleasure to work with and I cannot possibly give her all the credit she deserves. Hands down she’s the best!
Kimberly Crotinger
Kimberly Crotinger
May 14, 2024
Andrea is the best of the best in her field. Our 4th baby was born with some complications that if we were to have been at a hospital could've resulted in a C-section. Her and her helper are very intelligent and personal. My wife felt calm and safe in the care of "In The Vine Midwifery". I could write for hours about how exceptional our experience was with her team. Thank you so much for your continued support throughout this whole process.
April 15, 2024
I (Carrie, not Joey!) have consulted with Andrea numerous times over the years- I consider her my mentor for all things health and fertility related. I have purchased her recorded lessons to watch with my teenage daughters and teach them about their bodies and cycles. She is so knowledgeable and I highly recommend her services to anyone and everyone. She practices what she preaches and her advice is proven and trustworthy. If I lived closer, I would have her deliver all of my babies- I know I am in good hands working with Andrea.
Joey Odell
Joey Odell
November 8, 2023
Loved Andrea, she is a delight and a wave of Peace.
Elena Crooks
Elena Crooks
November 7, 2023
Back in 2018, I was struggling to get pregnant. We had two children, but were struggling to get pregnant with our third. My health was super poor and I hadn't had a cycle in a while. I used Andrea for 3 months to help me improve my fertility. She answered tons of questions, worked me through the symptoms of my cycles as I started to regulate and help me boost my fertility through supplements and castor oil packs. We got pregnant 3 months later! I was extremely happy with her services and have not stopped recommending her since then! My friend down the road has also used her for her daughter's painful crazy periods with great success! I greatly admire Andrea for her knowledge and ability to achieve great things inspite of difficulty and delays. After years of slowing honing her skills and raising her very large family she is now a midwife as well. I am married to a person with these attributes of determination as well so I'm very familiar with them. They are a great help to many people! ~Kate
Kaitlin Farley
Kaitlin Farley
November 7, 2023
Andrea came highly recommended from locals in our community and after our first visit we knew right away she was the one we wanted to have by our side through this pregnancy. She was informative, kind and extremely knowledgeable. Although my wife's pregnancy ended with loss, Andrea was by our side throughout everything. She gave us hope and courage to get through some of our darkest days and for that we are eternally grateful. Andrea came to visit my wife after her miscarriage and treated her like more than just a client, to her, she was a friend. If you are in need of a midwife, In The Vine Midwifery is an excellent choice!
Matthew H
Matthew H
November 7, 2023
Andrea was our doula in January of 2022 and we couldn’t be more thankful. Her childbirth education class was so helpful to both me & my husband. She provided us with many resources about nutrition, books to read, scripture to study, and was just wonderful to talk and pray with in the weeks leading up to our birth. At the birth of our daughter, she was such a calming presence and knew just how much to be involved and how to help my husband care for me. Our labor lasted only ~3 hours and my midwife nearly didn’t make it! I felt completely fine knowing she was there with us in the event that my midwife wouldn’t make it because Andrea has such a deep foundation of knowledge about safely birthing a baby and helping them transition to this world. We are close to the birth of our second child and have since moved away from the area but these last few weeks have me reflecting on her and the rest of our birth team and we will never forget the love they poured out on us as new parents.
Emily Snipes
Emily Snipes
November 7, 2023
We’ve had both of our children through In the Vine. Fantastic, caring, professional, knowledgeable, and experienced.
Jackson Roltgen
Jackson Roltgen
November 7, 2023
Andrea is the most warm, kind, and empathetic woman! Her care comes from a combination of knowledge and experience! She herself has birthed many children and has had a wide variety of birth experiences. She is gentle and confident, attentive and thorough!
Amanda Craven
Amanda Craven
November 6, 2023

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